Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bulding a World Without Hunger : The Massive and Passive Hydroponic System Project

If you have visited my blog within the past few days you have probably realized that I am interested in the further development and use of non-recirculating, totally passive hydroponic systems which are extremely easy to use and require no electricity or high setup costs. These systems are very important due to the fact that if made cheap and reliable enough they could vastly reduce the costs and water usage of agricultural crops around the world, making food cheaper, much more widely available, giving people in third world countries independence over the conditions of their soil allowing the cultivation of a wide variety of crops in areas where it was previously simply not possible.

However the fact is that currently the knowledge we posses about totally passive systems and the reliability of such implementations (and more importantly their robustness) has not been studied widely enough. For this reason I decided to start a project called the Massive and Passive Hydroponic Project or MPHP which is my attempt to use the internet - and most importantly the people who are interested in hydroponic around the world - to research this topic and get experimental results over different parts of the world, with different conditions and with totally different plant species.
Certainly many people will think that the information obtained in this way will have a ton of variability and therefore little value to further research on this field. On the contrary, I believe that - although such variability does exist - it could bring us very important and relevant information regarding the robustness and implementation easiness of such systems all around the world. Surely if these type of systems are to become good enough to replace a significant part of an agricultural setup they will need to be very robust and adapted against a wide variety of different conditions. This is what I want to find out with this project.

So if you want to help the world, help us gather information and build your own totally passive hydroponic crop, feel free to participate in the MPHP so that you can help us establish the robustness, production and conditions under which totally passive hydroponic systems can be implemented with success. If you want to participate just download the below mentioned document and send me an email to dfernandezp(at) or leave a comment on this post. By following the instructions within the pdf and gathering information you will help build a better world and you will definitely learn a lot about passive hydroponic gardening :o)


  1. Thank you again, I really like your idea and I will find some thing to establish my own passive hydroponic system.

  2. Hello Daniel,

    At first, thank you very much, I already translated the article, Hydroponic Nutrients, Are They Unnatural?

    My family are really like your article. That is why I want to thank you again.

    By the way, could I translate this article and PDF of Building a World Without Hunger: The MPHP.

    I want to share this idea to my friends, possibly they will follow this idea and collect more data.

    If this article is translated, I think I can collect data from my country. How about it?

    Best Regard

  3. Hello Adley,

    Thank you very much for your comment and interest :o) Certainly, feel free to translate this article and the pdf, any additional data -if gathered adequately - is of great help. Thanks again for all your interest,

    Best Regards,